Monday, June 8, 2009

Old City, New to Me

      So this posting is going to be brief, primarily because I'm so tired my fingers can barely move.  After a long flight, which began with me thinking myself fortunate for having landed an aisle seat but things quickly shifted a bit more nightmarish as the Jewish version of Jon & Kate plus.... that's right..... 8 came and sat in the row next to me, I finally landed in Tel Aviv at 8 am this morning.  The tantrums of a teething toddler and, we'll just say, very "liberally" parented children left little chance for sleep.  But no worries.  We pushed on and before the day had ended I found myself in the old city of Jerusalem, taking in the Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock.  Two incredibly iconic and deeply moving places to see.  I look forward to going back several more times, when crowds are thinner and silence more near.  This place really is amazing.  If you think New York is stacked on top of itself, you should see Jerusalem, the epitome of invaluable real estate. 
     Tonight I'm going out with some friends into the new city, then a day of hiking tomorrow in the hills and woods of Jerusalem.  There are several Israeli military officers hanging out, so getting to talk to them has been fascinating.  Discipline is a far greater currency here I can already see.  
    I hope to have some images to share in the next few days.  Until then... 


  1. I am so glad to hear you made it!! I can only imagine the beautiful pictures you will be taking over the next few months. (I better get a photo book)!! Can't wait to read your next blog!! We love you!

  2. Great to see your blog, and thanks for sharing. Your trip sounds inspiring and exciting. Know you are going to have the time of your life. Look forward to your pictures and stories. Frank Tang

  3. You are very inspiring... thank you for letting me experience the Old World... I've never been there as an adult... so now I can feel, and see, hear, (all the senses)... It's almost as good as being there... Thank you.. now keep on writing!!!! Tony T