Monday, May 11, 2009

A Preliminary Post

    At the request of concerned family and curious friends I will be posting blogs throughout my travels in the Middle East this summer.  I leave June 7th and hope to return August 31st.  Here's to hoping...
    I'll be posting updates and images from my travels, so check back when the time comes.  Until then, happy living...  


  1. Josh,

    I can't begin to express to you how proud I am of you! Your sense of adventure and desire to learn is truly amazing and inspiring to me. Although I have concerns about your travels, I also have a great deal of faith and confidence in your preparation and awareness. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times and follow your instincts, becasue they will never let you down. Travel safe and enjoy your adventure and always, always search for the rainbow, because she will be with you!. I will miss you and can't wait to embrace you upon your return! I love you buddy!

  2. Hey Josh,

    Hope you made it safely! We are looking forward to hearing about your trip!! Love ya

  3. Josh,

    Glad you got there safely. I can relate to the liberal parenting...I think I have also had that family seated near me on a long flight! Your message about your first day was inspiring and brought tears to my eyes as the impact of a young man's dream coming to fruition hit me! Please keep the blog coming as this is a tremendous gift to all of us yet to take this great adventure. Love, Dad